Human Pig Hybrid..!!


It seems creepy as well as disgusting but in a remarkable and controversial statement, scientists announced on 26th January 2017 that they have successfully created the first human-animal hybrid and in this case human-pig hybrid.

This Bio-medical discovery has been a dream for the scientists for so long to address the critical situation of organ donation. “Every ten minutes, a person is listed on the waiting list for organ donation and around 25 people die everyday on that list without the organ“.

In the following video, Pig lungs are filtering human blood in lab.

The project began as a research team which attempting to prove that it is possible to grow one’s species organ cells in another species. They began with two close species – rats and mice. To create a rat-mouse hybrid, scientists began by creating a mouse embryo without a pancreas.

There are two ways to achieve growing one’s organ in to another. First one is to just induce the organ in to another species which is very risky because of the fact that the immune system may cause the organ to be rejected.

The other method is to begin at the embryonic level, introducing one animal’s cells into the embryo of another and letting them grow together into a hybrid. It sounds very weird and disgusting but it is very effective way to eventually solve a number of vexing biological problems with lab-grown organs.

According to Dr. Jun Wu, a staff scientist at the Salk Institute and first author of the research, “Integrating cells from human to animal seems difficult and developing fully grown organs in animals remains at a considerable distance”. Concerns are on the rise over the ethics of the experiment.

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